Why SSL? The Purpose of using SSL Certificates

If you are like most IT professionals, choosing to include an SSL certificate on a website is often a matter of routine, particularly for ecommerce sites of any size. And, while security for credit and debit card transactions is a driving factor, there are other benefits that may not be quite so obvious, at least at first glance.

Taking a closer look at the different SSL certificate benefits and how those advantages can increase the ROI on a website can be a real eye-opening experience. It is also a great exercise to do so you can provide specific information when talking to clients and trying to convince them it is really a necessary expense.

The Google Factor

Google, particularly the Google search engine, is a driving force for most things online. Everyone panics when Google makes a change in a search engine algorithm and those ripples of change are felt across the internet.

It may not have gone viral, but a few years ago Google announce it would be recognizing sites that had SSL security products over sites that did not. Since this all factors into SEO and search engine rankings, simply having that https instead of http in the URL is now going to make a big impact on how a website can move up the organic rankings.

While not an often considered at the top of the list of SSL certificate benefits, it is certainly a big factor in the long run. Sites that upgrade to Secure Sockets Layer, even blogs or information sites will see a bump in their search engine ranking positions over time. Of course, this will not happen overnight. There are a lot of other factors, including content and traffic that will have an impact on ranking, but this is an easily controllable perk.

No More Warning Messages

Without an SSL certificate from a reputable, trusted and established CA (Certificate Authority) like Comodo, visitors to the site may see that insecure content warning. Most people don't know what the policeman and that yellow warning means, so they back out of the site immediately.

This simply means that there is unencrypted data on the site or that the server is not recognizing the browser SSL certificate. This can happen after an upgrade of the browser or on mobile devices where the CA doesn't have an embedded root.

With Comodo, this is never an issue. One of our big SSL certificate benefits is that we are recognized by 99.9% of all devices and all major browsers. This means that your customer will not get that potentially scary warning and they will simply arrive on your landing page ready to shop.

There is a real problem with self-signed certificates. In these situations, the certificate is signed by the private key it generates. In other words, the certificate is vouching for the security of its own transmissions. While they can be useful in limited situations, they result in increased risk of hacking and phishing and they are often not recognized, resulting in those horrible warnings for visitors to your site.

Increased Conversions and Decreased Abandoned Shopping Carts

Most consumers are now very familiar with looking for the gold or green padlock in the address bar to indicate a secure site. One of the biggest SSL certificate benefits is that customers will not buy from ecommerce sites without this iconic symbol.

Not having the padlock will result in a high bounce rate from the landing page as soon as viewers realize the site is not secure. It will also lead to a high rate of abandoned carts, particularly if there is any type of issues at the checkout. It is too easy to just click to a secure site rather than risk transmitting credit or debit card information over a potentially unsecured site.

Even for blogs or informational sites, visitors are hesitant to leave personal information. They may be worried about phishing scams or somehow leaving email information that will lead to spam emails or malware in the attachments or content.

For large online ecommerce sites, most customers are now aware to check for the green text or green address bar or text depending on their browser. Failing to provide this easy identifier of an EV SSL certificate will have some of your customers moving on to the next company on the search engine list.

You will find a lot of information about SSL certificate benefits in our Knowledgebase section at https://ssl.comodo.com/. When you are ready to buy or try our SSL certificates, just apply online or give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 if you have any questions.

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