Assessing And Evaluating SSL Certificate Cost

At Comodo, our goal is to provide your website with a top reputation as a trusted online site. Our SSL certificate at any level from Wildcard, extended validation (EV), organizational validation (OV) or domain validation (DV) will demonstrate to your customers that information transmitted from their browser to your server will be safe and secure.

Assessing and evaluating the SSL certificate cost will need to include several different factors. These factors will be comprised of the additional benefits and services offered as well as the very real risk of lost ecommerce sales that are all too common when sites are not protected.

To accurately assess these issues, let's start by looking at the actual SSL certificate cost based on the different types of certificates offered by Comodo. There will be some differences in the features offered based on the type of SSL certificate that is selected.

Wildcard SSL

With different types of SSL certificates offering different levels of security and protection, prices will adjust accordingly. This provides the ideal level of security based on the types of online business a company anticipates.

One of the most popular and cost-effective options for people with a main domain and then a number of subdomains is our Wildcard SSL. This operates with the same level of protection and security for customers, but it provides you with one certificate to secure all aspects of all of your subdomains as well as the main domain.

With the Wildcard SSL, you can secure payments, logins, mail, downloads or any other type of data transmission required between the browser and the server. No more stress in trying to keep up with all your SSL certificates on subdomains, everything is easy to manage, test and verify from the one certificate.

The cost of our Wildcard SSL allows you to be licensed for unlimited subdomains. This is very cost efficient and is the ideal option when you are doing business from the main domain and also from subdomains. Priced at just over four hundred dollars a year it is a bargain and one of our top sellers.

EV SSL Certificate

When protection and security is a priority, the EV or extended validation Secure Sockets Layer is the optimal choice. This provides a green address bar for the website, instantly alerting customers to the level of security you are providing for their transactions.

Additionally, the right side of the green bar will feature the iconic padlock and additional information. This additional information will include the name of our company and our name as the certificate authority. The Comodo name, or if you are using the competition's SSL certificate it will be that company, further demonstrates to customers your commitment to their online security.

This EV standard has an incredibly low price per year. Starting at just under a hundred dollars, this SSL certificate cost is an investment in consumer confidence.

UC Certificate

The Unified Communications Certificate (UCC), is similar to our other certificates in that it provides security, but with a focus on exchange and office communication servers. We have designed it specifically for Microsoft Exchange users or those using the Microsoft Office Communications servers.

Like the Wildcard SSL, the UCC can be used on multiple domains and subdomains for up to three FQDNs. Additional domains can be added as well for $35.00 per additional domain. It is possible to combine a UCC with a Wildcard SSL for a flat rate per domain.

The UCC provides SAN or Subject Alternative Name control, 128/256 encryption and unlimited ability to move or change domains as required.

Standard SSL Certificate

To quickly get a single website on an SSL certificate, we offer the very low-cost Comodo SSL certificate. This is a simple online process, as with all of our SSL certificates, to protect information and to provide a trusted website for your ecommerce business.

The SSL certificate cost for this option starts at $76.95 per year, which makes it a very low-cost investment in consumer security and protection. It provides the same industry standard 256-bit encryption and is signed with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommended 2048 bit signatures.

With valid, recognized and trusted SSL certificates for domains and subdomains, customers are more confident in making a purchase. This results in lower rates of shopping cart abandonment, higher levels of consumer trust for websites and higher conversion rates.

Keep in mind that the green bar on the EV SSL is the most easily identified security feature. This alerts customers from their first glance at the screen that the site takes security very seriously. The SSL certificate cost will also decrease per year when purchased for multiple years, which is ideal for most websites.

Let us help you to find the right SSL certificate to suit your budget. Our team is here and can be reached by phone at +1 703 581 6361 or drop us a line through the website. You can also order your SSL certificates online at

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