Getting an SSL Certificate at HostGator

Most people have heard of Hostgator, one of the most recognized web hosting services online. This company has built their reputation on top quality products, effective pricing and a lot of additional services and value-added features, which makes them a terrific match for Comodo security products.

When choosing an SSL certificate for Hostgator sites, you will just simply need to choose the Comodo product that is right for your website. We are already the largest Trust Provider the world today, so we have a lot of experience with websites hosted on the Hostgator platform.

The Basics

For smaller websites, which would fit into the Hatchling plan on Hostgator, the Comodo SSL is probably the best choice. This provides our standard 2048-bit signature and 128/256 bit encryption for secure transmission of data. Learning more about the definition of SSL will help in your final decision.

This SSL certificate for Hostgator can be either at the domain validated or the organization validated levels. The domain validated option provides the lowest verification and is also extremely reasonably priced. The organization validated or OV level offers an increase in information on the SSL certificate that is important for many customers, so it is a consideration for websites that are striving to grow and expand their target market.

Your ecommerce site at this level will benefit from our Comodo TrustLogo that will be displayed on each page. This is immediate verification to your customers that you take security seriously. As Hostgator provides hosting for blogs of all types, this is a great resource to allow people to feel comfortable signing up for newsletters, making comments on blogs and even downloading from your website with complete confidence they will not have to worry about phishing or hacking.

For Multiple Websites

For small to larger websites with a main domain and multiple subdomains, our Wildcard is the right SSL certificate for Hostgator sites. This can be used with the Baby or Business hosting plan and allows for the use of one certificate for all sites.

This makes generating a Certificate Signing Request and then installing the SSL certificate simple and easy. The support offered by both Comodo and Hostgator will ensure that you can have all sites up and running with the security you require quickly and easily.

The security and trustworthiness offered with our SSL certificate for Hostgator sites are the same as with all of the hosting services and companies we work with. We are a trusted source with 99.9% of all browsers and webservers, so there is already a built-in advantage to using our products.

We even provide additional support with tools to convert the file format of our SSL certificates if you are switching hosting companies and moving from one type of server to another. Additionally, we provide auto-install and auto-discover features to help web managers track and organize all the SSL certificates, even those from different Certificate Authorities.

Complete Security

For those larger websites or even for a small corporate website where security is going to be essential for customers we offer our EV SSL. The extended validated certificate goes beyond other validations to provide information and verification on the domain as well the company that owns the domain.

This will result in an SSL certificate for Hostgator that gives a green bar in the address location on the site. This, combined with the always visible Trustlogo site seal provides the highest level of trustworthiness on the web.

With the more advanced levels of verification and validation needed, these certificate applications do take a bit longer to process. However, we can often have them complete and the digital certificates in our customers' accounts in the same business day. Often we are able to complete the process in an hour, which allows you to get your site up and running.

Just like Hostgator, Comodo is recognized for top customer service. This is important not just during the sale of the SSL certificate, but also during the installation and the full life cycle. You can feel free to call or chat with our support team or to submit a ticket to get assistance.

Before you decide on an SSL certificate for any hosted site, including Hostgator, have a look at the different types of products we offer at If you aren't sure we offer a 90-day free SSL/TLS certificate will all the features and recognition of our paid products. For more information or for answers to your questions, get in touch with us today at +1 888 266 6361.

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