Effective Management With The SSL Certificate Discovery Tool

There are very few large ecommerce sites today that operate with just a single website. Most will have a main domain and then multiple subdomains, each selling specific goods to a select target audience.

To add to this, most IT management professionals are going to be managing all of these websites as part of their job description roles and responsibilities. This can lead to a lot of possible issues falling through the cracks, including renewal of SSL certificates.

Knowing which sites have what types of SSL certificates can also be an issue. Completing an SSL certificate analysis can be an effective option. At Comodo, we have developed an SSL certificate discovery tool that makes things very simple, easy and automated.

This is not only good news for IT managers, but it is also important for the bottom line of the ecommerce business. When customers see that is site is not secure or the security has expired, they are not likely to bother to contact the email administrator. Instead, most customers will simply pop back to the search engine results page and try the next URL on the list. This is why understanding what is secure sockets layer technology is so important.

Signs of Potential Problems

If you are not using our SSL certificate discovery tool, you may notice a change in customer behavior on the websites. This will often first appear in the revenue generated by the site, but it will also show up in analytics.

Common issues you will see in website analytics include a dramatic drop in the number of page views per visit, lower numbers of repeat visitors to the site and an increase in abandoned shopping carts.

The abandoned shopping carts become an issue as the consumer may not stop to look for the padlock or green address bar until they are at the checkout page. Then, with just a glance up to verify the presence of the green or gold padlock they discover there is no secure transmission of data between the web browser and the server. This leads to the consumer immediately leaving the site and shopping on a site with a valid SSL certificate.

The Discovery Tool

When you have certificates from different CAs, hundreds of subdomains and main domains to manage and several people all potentially obtaining or not obtaining SSL certificates it can become very confusing.

To address this issue and to prevent security lapses, we offer an SSL certificate discovery tool that is fully automatic. The Auto-Discovery Tool offered by Comodo scans the entire network and creates an immediate report that lists all the certificates across the specified network.

This doesn't just work with our Comodo SSL products; it will work with every Trust Provider and Certificate Authority on the web. This provides all the information required for all certificates in one central report.

With our SSL certificate discovery tool, you will know the location of every one of the certificates that are currently valid on your internal network. It will also provide information on external networks as well, so the list is complete and comprehensive.

As mentioned earlier, we will clearly list the CA that issued each of the SSL/TSL certificates. This is helpful if you want to continue using that CA or turn to a Comodo product when the current SSL certificate expires.

Of course, we also list the specific date when the current security will expire. This is very helpful to quickly glance over the report and determine which sites need immediate attention and those that are secured and protected for a longer period of time. This can be a very helpful tool when determining an upgrade of the certificate based on changes in the website.

As of January 2014, all certificates have to be 2048 bit or higher, so we have included a section in the Auto-Discovery tool that will immediately inform the web manager as to the strength of the keys used on each individual site certificate.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit of the SSL certificate discovery tool, especially since it is automatically deployed through the CCM (Comodo Certificate Manager) is the efficiency it builds into the process.

There is no longer any need to go through each SSL certificate and verify the expiration date, the CA and the requirement for the encryption and signatures. Instead, it is all in one central area that is easy to access and even easier to review.

If you want to learn more about our Comodo SSL certificates at any level, see us online at www.ssl.comodo.com. Calling us at +1 888 266 6361 if you have any questions about our security products or the features offered through our CCM.

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