Evaluating An SSL Certificate To Buy Online

It can be challenging to find the best price on an online product while also ensuring all the features needed are included in the low price. For those shopping for an SSL certificate to buy online, the process can be even more challenging.

The reality is that not all of the offerings for each certificate is the same. This is because different CAs or Certificate Authorities offer different value-added programs. Some offer very limited extras other than the basic encryption while others offer a complete range of free services, enhanced security features and a trusted name and reputation.

Comodo is definitely in that last group. However, we don't want you to take our word for it. We encourage all of our customers to shop around for an SSL certificate to buy online that is equal in value to ours. While you will find some that the same in price, take a closer look at the details and we know you will see a difference.

To help you to get started, here are some things to compare with our secure sockets layer certificates and those of our competition. When you are shopping on the LabTech, Continuum or the Ninja MSP websites, you will find very little difference in price but there is a difference in the value-added options with each company.


The reputation of the CA is very important. Most of the top CAs will have 99% recognition or trust by the major browsers. Top companies such as Comodo offer just that little bit extra at 99.9%. That may not seem like a lot, but it does make a difference when having the largest potential target audience is important for an ecommerce site.

We are very proud to note that we have become the world's largest Trust Provider. This means that not only do ecommerce sites use our certificates to provide trust and security for their customers, but customers also recognize our name. This provides two-way trust and recognition, helping to boost your sales with increased customer trust.

Money Back Guarantee

Whenever you consider an SSL certificate to buy online, be sure to look closely for the money back guarantee. While typically a company offering this doesn't have to provide a refund because they have a superior product, it is a sign of professionalism and concern for customer satisfaction.

Comodo offers a full thirty-day money back guarantee on our paid SSL certificates. We also provide our customers with a free certificate for 90 days that offers all the security and trust of our paid certificates. Either choice allows our customers to have the confidence to order their certificate without any fear.

Tech Support Services

Most IT professionals or even a do-it-yourself website developer will have little difficulty in creating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), obtaining their SSL certificate and then completing the installation.

However, if there are problems during this process or in the future, having a tech support team that specializes in Secure Socket Layer assistance is going to be instrumental in getting your website up and running securely.

All of our customers with a registered account can easily go online and submit a ticket. We try very hard to answer all tickets in an hour, with all tickets having a response within a day if we are extremely busy. We also offer online support through our chat system as well as a main and international number for those who need to call. When you purchase our EV SSL, we provide priority phone support, which is another perk to having this highly recognized and regarded security status.

To help all of our clients and customers, we offer an online Resource Centers and Knowledgebase to answer basic and advanced questions. There are also some very active Comodo Forums that allow users to interact with each other as well as our professional staff to resolve problems or to discuss additional needs a specific customer may have for security.

Free Services

Before you make the final decision on an SSL certificate to buy online, look carefully at what is offered in free services. Customers visiting your site will be able to mouse-over our Trustlogo site seal or the padlock in the address bar to quickly verify your business credentials.

For our different SSL certificates, we also provide free S3 SSL certificate management tool, 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch website security platform, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning, as well as a relying party warranty and our easy online application. To have your Comodo SSL certificate in just minutes, visit us at www.ssl.comodo.com. You can also give us a call at +1 888 266 6361; we are here to provide the information you need.

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