Getting Help From An SSL Certificate Wiki

The internet offers some amazing opportunities for IT management professionals to get involved in the education and understanding around all aspects of information technology.

One area where Comodo and other SSL certificate authorities work with the IT community is through an SSL certificate wiki. As with all wiki pages, the idea behind this site is to allow the community of IT management professionals, SSL certificate providers and other interested individuals to contribute to and enhance the general understanding and knowledge base.

It may be interesting to note that wiki is not really a shortened version of Wikipedia as many assume. Instead, the term wiki is actually a short version of the Hawaiian term wiki-wiki, which means quick-quick. It makes sense to call the SSL certificate wiki a quick page since it provides short, concise information that is tried, true and tested.

You do not have to be an IT management professional to use or contribute to the SSL certificate wiki. In fact, we find that people from a wide range of different professions take advantage of the information on the site and contribute interesting information.

Remember, the goal of any wiki is to be collaborative in nature. There will be an original author of the information, but the community or the users of the wiki continue to edit and add to the information, keeping the data relevant, timely and accurate.

The Comodo Wiki

If you were to search for Comodo and SSL certificate wiki, you would find a unique page on our site that provides a wealth of information about our SSL or secure sockets layer. For easy access to information everything on our wiki is in a question and answer format.

While much of the information is basic, it is a great resource for all of our clients. It is particularly helpful as a resource for an IT manager to provide information to clients on the importance of using an SSL certificate on any website where there is the transfer of secure information, payments or even for logins to various apps, emails or other types of systems.

This site also has a terrific infographic and a video that you can use to share what can be a very complex issue with your clients, regardless of their level of tech understanding. In simple, concise and clear language we provide the basics to help individuals to learn about security. This clearer understanding of the importance of an SSL certificate is often very eye-opening and alerts ecommerce website owners to the very real issue of consumer protection and safety.

This starts with the basics, including our role as the CA (Certificate Authority). We explain that we confirm the identity and the ownership of the company that has the domain and is applying for the certificate. This is one way to ensure that your website cannot be used by anyone else and customers can trust your website is really yours.

Differences in Site Security Identification

Other important takeaways from our SSL certificate wiki include how to identify different types of SSL certificates and why there are different looks to the security identifiers.

For example, our EV or extended validation certificates offer the highest level of vetting for the website. Not only will the http now read https, but there will also be some additional changes to note as well.

These changes will vary based on the browser used. For the IE browser, the entire address bar will turn green. The right-hand side will feature the Comodo name alternating with the company name. In Firefox the security lock icon and our name will be green before the URL in the address bar, which gives a slightly different look. The Google Chrome browser is like Firefox, but the background behind our name will also be in a light green.

We provide quick reference and insight into using our SSL certificates that are helpful to first-time users or those experiencing any difficulties with installation or verification. This includes issues such as:

  • Generating a certificate signing request
  • Installing certificates on servers
  • Obtaining an instant SSL certificate
  • Information about our EV, Wildcard and UC certificates

Streamlined, helpful and concise, the SSL certificate wiki at Comodo is an effective tool for finding out the basics. We also have additional links under each section, directing you to more in-depth areas of the website for technical details and specifics that IT professionals will need to have.

Take the time to browse our helpful information on SSL certificates, or feel free to share the page with your clients. If you need more information or assistance, just give us a call at +1 888 866 6361.

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