Getting Started With A SSL Certificate CSR

Comodo is the most recognized Trust Provider in the world. We offer several different SSL/TSL certificates that are specifically designed for different types of websites.

Within our selection of certificates, we also provide value-added packages. These are selected to complete your online security for sending and receiving customer information including credit and debit cards and other types of personal information. Our Trustlogo site seal and our green address bar, green padlock or gold padlock on your site let everyone know you take security seriously.

Obtaining and installing a certificate with our system is very easy. It is a simple online application that takes just minutes to complete and send. Then, typically within just a minute or two, you will have the necessary files you need to download and install the certificate.

There is one step that you will need to complete before going online to purchase your SSL certificate at Comodo. This is the step of generating an SSL certificate CSR. Before you do this, make sure you spend time to learn what is SSL and how it will help your website.

The Certificate Signing Request

The full version of the CSR is the Certificate Signing Request. It is really just a specific block of text that is fully encrypted. It is generated on the specific server which will be used with the SSL certificate.

The CSR provides information to the CA, the Certificate Authority, about the details of the company and what will be visible to others on your SSL certificate. Each of these details or components on the CSR has to be correct and match with other information for the verification or validation to occur through the CA. Mistakes, errors, omissions or misinformation on the CSR will create difficulties in obtaining the certificate.

It is critical to be sure to use the correct server to generate the CSR. This can be an issue if a large company or business may be using multiple servers or if they have a specific server for a Microsoft Exchange or with a Microsoft Office Communications.

Although this not the same as a standard SSL certificate you will still need to go through the same process as you do when you generate an SSL certificate CSR.

Information Required

The SSL certificate CSR will contain very specific information.

  • The common name, also known as the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). This has to be a perfect match or visitors to your site will receive the message "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.". While you may also own the other website, this is often a sign of a spoof website and very few customers will proceed to look at the site let alone provide any personal information. This is commonly known as a name mismatch error.
  • The organization name. This will be your business name, corporate name or organization name and it must be the full legal name. It will also need to include any business designations that are part of the legal name including LLC or Inc. Use the abbreviations and not the full version of these legal designations.
  • The city or locality is the physical location of your business. If you have multiple business locations, it will be the main office or the headquarters, unless each location has its own website and designation.
  • The state, region and county will also be included. Use the full version of the names and not any abbreviations. For example, if you are in the Lone Star State your SSL certificate CSR will read Texas and not TX, and the same is true for all countries and areas of the world.
  • The country is represented by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) two-letter designation.
  • Email address – this will be the webmaster or IT professional managing the site or someone responsible for the site.

There will also be a public key that will be included in the SSL certificate CSR. This is automatically generated and it will match a private key that will be maintained on the server. Do not lose or share the private key as it is essential for security the website. The private key cannot be recovered so create a backup and also keep that is a secure location.

We are here to help you if you have any difficulties in generating a CSR or completing your application for any of our certificates. To get started, visit and choose the best certificate for your needs. Just follow the prompts and within minutes you will have the SSL certificate and be ready for installation. For any difficulties, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 and we can help.

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