Help With SSL Certificate Domain Name Issues

The process to obtain and install all of the Comodo secure sockets layer certificates is designed to be relatively simple. However, different browsers and different requirements to convert files can quickly take a simple task and make it a lot more complicated.

To assist all of our customers, most who are IT professionals, we offer a full knowledgebase as well as our Comodo forums. To access the knowledgebase anyone can search using key search word terms such as SSL certificate domain name issues or domain name error messages.

To access the forums you can also browse through the list, all are grouped by both general subject area as well as topic thread. This is a great way to participate in the community as well as to get information from both administrators as well as from other members.

We also offer a full product support service that is easy to find under the Help tab on any page of the website. Clicking on the Help tab will allow you to see the steps to obtain support for both the free products we offer as well as for the paid products. If you can't find answers to your problems with the SSL certificate domain name issues in the knowledgebase or the forums, you can register an account as a first time user and then create a ticket. If you have used the product support ticket system before you can simply submit a ticket.

Comodo product support staff will respond to your ticket within a day, with most tickets answered within an hour. You can also call at the number provided on the web page. Our EV SSL users will have priority phone service, which is just one of the many benefits of selecting this top level of website security and protection.

As a general reference, here are some common SSL certificate domain name issues that can cause a problem with the SSL certificate functioning. Often a mistake or error is all that has occurred and simply correcting the issue will banish those site security warnings from all browsers and on all devices.

Name Mismatch Error

One very common error message that will show up as an SSL certificate domain name issue is a name mismatch error. There are several different possible error messages that come up based on the type of web browser used as well as the version. Some are much more ominous than others and direct the user to leave the site. Others, such as Firefox and Safari point out just what is wrong, but to the general public, the "danger" warning is really all that matters.

As if that wasn't enough, the message then recommends the viewer close the page and leave, which is certainly not what any ecommerce site wants their customers to do. Most customers assume this means a phishing site, even though it can be a simple issue with the way they actually entered the website address.

The issue that most often triggers the name mismatch error is the common name listed on the SSL certificate is not the same as the name that is typed into the address bar on the website. This means that the common name listed on the certificate might need to include the www, if it was typed in, or the web address without the www for the site has to forward to the www site for the SSL certificate.

The other option is to use SAN or Subject Alternative Name. This allows the certificate to recognize different variations of the common name and avoids these issues completely.

Tools to Help

One quick and easy option to analyze your SSL certificate is to use the SSL checker offered on our site. All you need to do is add the domain name of your website and our report will provide a range of different details and information.

This will include checking for any SSL certificate domain name issues that may result in warnings to your users. Our analyzer provides the common name at the top of the report and then, in the next box, provides a full list of alternative names for the site as listed on the certificate. From this same box, you can also complete a search for all publicly logged certificates through a Identity Search.

When you buy our SSL certificates, you will have full access to our customer support as well as all our resources and tools at For assistance in choosing a product, you can also give us a call at +1 888 266 6361.

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