How To Choose An SSL Certificate Authority

One of the biggest factors that online businesses have to overcome is consumer trust. For Comodo, our goal has always been to provide top level security through our SSL certificates.

As a highly recognized SSL Certificate Authority (CA), we pride ourselves in protecting the reputation of our clients and customers. When your customers see our Trustlogo site seal and the Comodo name in the secure website section of the address bar, they know they are shopping with a reputable online merchant.

Unlike some providers offering their products as an SSL Certificate Authority, we stand behind our certificates. We offer for many of our paid SSL certificates a relying party warranty. This means that if there is any fraudulent charge on a Comodo-issued certificate due to our negligence in validation, we will provide coverage up to the stated amount for qualified individuals.

However, our concern for the trust and reliability of your website through the transmission, receiving or storage of credit or debit card information goes well beyond this. To help you to see how seriously we take our role as a top SSL Certificate Authority, consider the following issues that can occur when website managers or IT professionals make the wrong choice in CAs.

Not Providing Full Coverage

While our role as a Certificate Authority allows us to provide full protection for credit and debit card transactions, we don't stop there. Our certificates will help to prevent exploitation of sites by fake or bogus links that direct to look-alike sites that are not secure and not the company the consumer thinks.

Additionally, without full coverage for all types of data transmitted or received there is a greater chance of acquiring malware and spoofing a domain. This is also a common issue with phishing, where people are using social media sites or email and are providing confidential information and details to hackers and those engaged in phishing.

Levels of Protection

Not all websites require the same level of protection. For example, if you have a blog or an information-based site and just need basic security, our Comodo SSL may be all that is required. These sites have a padlock icon in the address bar. More observant internet users will also note the change in the URL from http to https to signify the SSL.

Our EV SSL, which is our highest level of security, provides your customers with a green address bar as well the name of the SSL Certificate Authority and the company alternating on the right-hand side of the address bar. In some web browsers this green will appear before the URL, but both will signify top security and provide information on the certificate by hovering over the lock symbol or the green text.

What a Business Needs to Know

While it may appear that all SSL Certificate Authority companies are the same, this is not the truth at all. Some of the CAs have a very poor reputation with breaches of their security which leads to very real problems with website trust and online reputation. Just one breach can result in a dramatic reduction in sales and less consumer confidence, all which is directed at the business, not the CA.

Our team at Comodo is constantly managing our infrastructure and staying ahead of hackers. We have a top rating for security and we have become the largest Trust Provider in the world, something we are very proud to accomplish.

To demonstrate just how trusted our CA reputation is, our root certificates are already embedded in 99.9% of all browsers and devices. This means that regardless of the browser or the device your customers may use, they will see the security in place and recognize your site as trusted.

We are also fully certified and have obtained the WebTrust Seal of Assurance for Certification Authorities by all the major WebTrust organizations. These are third-party, independent organizations that examine and verify we are using all Trust Services Principles and Criteria as outlined by the organization. That means everyone knows what is Secure Sockets Layer technology and that it is uniform.

At Comodo, we take our role as your SSL Certificate Authority very seriously. In fact, we stake our reputation on our ability to provide your website(s) with the level of security and trust that is unsurpassed on the web.

For more information on how we provide this security, browse around our website. You can also try a free SSL certificate or buy any of our Comodo SSL certificates to protect your customers. For questions or to talk to our sales representatives, you can also get in touch by phone at +1 888 266 6361.

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