Is My Current SSL Certificate The Best Price Out There?

When you stop and consider all the costs of operating an ecommerce site or any type of business website, the price of an SSL certificate is really one of the lowest cost items you will have to purchase.

However, it is always important to take the time to check that your current SSL certificate is the lowest price. Remember, determining if the SSL certificate is the best price available should include more than just the dollar figure, there are value-added services and features that need to be carefully considered. You should also make sure you are comfortable with the definition of SSL and what it will add to your site.

This is true for an existing website, but it is even more important for a new site. New sites are not yet up and making money, so ensuring the SSL certificate is the best price will help to minimize costs before you start seeing income from the site.

Shop Around

While most people do some shopping around online, the only way to determine if the SSL certificate is the best price on the web is to spend some time becoming familiar with what is out there.

To make it easy for you, we make our prices big, clear and simple. What you see quoted for our SSL certificates will be what you pay. Our certificates are available for one, two or three years. You can choose the terms of the certificate from the drop-down box on the purchase page.

We will show you the single year price and then the prices for years 2 and 3 on applicable products. We also let you know how much you save when you extend your terms from one year to up to three years. For the budget conscious, moving to the two or three-year terms will save you five and ten percent respectively on the Wildcard SSL, definitely adding to your savings.

Our other options, including the Comodo SSL offers eleven and twenty-three percent savings on years two and three. With our EV SSL you will find out our service is under a hundred dollars per year for up to two-year terms per certificate.

Determining which SSL certificate is the best price does start with the dollar amount, but this should not be where it ends. You will find most of the top Trust Providers and Certificate Authorities will be very competitive in pricing, but it will be the value-added features you will find at Comodo that set us apart.

Compare Features

We encourage our customers and our prospective customers to compare the feature Comodo offers with all of our SSL certificates. When determining which SSL certificate is the best price, these value-added services and features have to be taken into consideration.

For example, we provide top customer service for all of our paid and even with our free 90-day SSL certificate. We also offer support through our online ticket system. Our goal is to have each ticket responded to within an hour whenever possible, allowing you to get the assistance needed if you have any concerns or issues.

This customer service isn't just during the CSR generation and install process. It is throughout the entire period that the certificate is valid. For some of our certificates, this means a full three years. This support also extends to our 90-day free certificate, which is a great option for testing a new website or if you need to renew or replace your existing certificate.

Other features we offer is the use of our Trustlogo site seal. This is highly recognized and a trusted addition to provide the visual reassurance customers need about the security of your site. This is also designed to provide instant information. Mousing-over the seal or hovering on the padlock in the address bar provides further information to verify the site is secure.

Different features on each of our SSL certificates add to the value-added factors for each product we offer. However, the one big factor that makes us the largest Trust Provider globally is our reputation as a Certificate Authority with the highest level of trustworthiness and security in all of our products.

We don't want you to take our word for it. Browse around online and compare different CAs, different SSL certificates and different prices and features. We are confident that after shopping around you will back to Comodo.

To buy any of our Comodo SSL certificates, including our EV SSL and Wildcard SSL, visit the website at To find out more or to talk to our staff about your security requirements, feel free to give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 at your convenience.

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