Is There Really An SSL Certificate Free Of Charge?

In today's world, it can be easy to become more than a bit jaded about anything online that indicates it is free. Often free means there is no charge right now, but there will be a charge later.

We think that free really should be absolutely and truly free, which is why we offer an SSL certificate free of charge. There are no hidden catches, no need to expect charges in the future and it is just as respected and trusted as any of our paid SSL certificates.

There are a lot of reasons why Comodo offers an SSL certificate free to our customers. To understand how and why you should take advantage of this offer, let's take a closer look at just what you can expect. We will also cover the meaning of SSL and why it is important to your business.

Testing Options

One of the reasons many of our customers choose to go with the SSL certificate free first and then move to a paid certificate is that it provides the opportunity to test your site. It does so at no risk or cost, which is a concern when developing both large and small websites.

When using the free SSL certificate instead of a paid certificate, you have the time you need to test the website and to ensure it is ready to launch. Using your free time, which is a full 90 days, means your IT staff is not trying to get things done in a hurry. They have the time needed to ensure that everything is done correctly and that all the bugs and glitches are out of the website before publishing and launching your brand.

Security in a Hurry

With the free SSL certificate, your existing website can be secured in just a few minutes. All you have to do is provide some basic information and we will provide the SSL certificate free. It really is that easy.

For most people, the hardest part will be working with your own web server. You will need to generate what is known as a Certificate Signing Request or CSR. We provide a comprehensive set of guides to assist you in the task.

These help sections are found in our knowledgebase and provide step by step instruction for both CSR generation and certificate installation for all the major servers, including Microsoft, Cisco, Apache, Google App Engine, Zimbra and Nginx to name just a few of the many listed.

Once you have the CSR code, simply copy and paste it into the box on our web page SSL certificate application. Check the server time and indicate that you want it for 90 days and you will receive the certificate within minutes.

Levels of Protection

We think you deserve a lot of benefits even if you are getting the SSL certificate free. We want you to be comfortable in the level of protection you will be providing your customers. There will be 2048 bit signatures and 256-bit encryption with the SSL certificate, just as with our paid certificates.

In addition, it is signed from the same root, so your customers will never know you are using a free version. The same level of protection will be in place for 90 days, even if our competition only provides 30 day free trials.

We also offer the option of taking advantage of our Comodo HackerGuardian free scan with your free SSL certificate. This additional free offer will ensure any business that is receiving or transmitting debit or credit card payments or storing any types of data is meeting all PCI (Payment Card Industry) vulnerability scanning requirements. This is also free for one year with our paid SSL certificate and we think our free certificates should offer the same.

Trial with Our Service

During your 90 day free SSL certificate, you will be able to get full customer support and service for the product. We are sure that once you experience the level of customer-centered services and products we offer, you won't consider any other SSL certificate but ours.

We are also available to talk to you about our paid SSL certificates. We offer different options to address single domains, multiple subdomains or for exchange and office communication servers. Each SSL certificate provides different features that are uniquely selected to provide the best security for your website or websites.

This is a great time to become familiar with all that Comodo has to offer. Our staff is available by email, chat or by phone at +1 888 866 6361. To obtain an SSL certificate for free or to review our paid options, visit us today at

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