SSL Certificates In Android OS

Android devices have been marketed by Google since 2007. Originally developed by a company named Android, Inc. and located in California, this mobile operating system has become one of the most commonly used in the world today.

To give you an idea of just how popular these devices are, there are about 1,500,000 daily activations of Android smartphones around the world according to Statista online data. This increases when you consider the 37.9 million Android tablets sold globally per year and the 65 billion downloads per year of Android apps.

Why It Matters

Why is this important to an IT manager for an ecommerce website? Well, it really has to do with the increased reliance on smartphones and tablets to make online purchases. It is estimated that mobile device sales now make up over 50% of all online purchases and this number will only increase.

In surveys completed by various research groups, 19% of the time people spend on a smartphone is shopping and they do the same activity about 38% of the time when they are on their tablet. The days of most people doing online shopping on a desktop or even a laptop are over.

What this means is the SSL certificate in Android has to work. This also means that the meaning of SSL is important to customers. Consumers shopping by smartphone or by tablet are just as likely to abandon a site that is not secure or does not include secure payment options as those shopping using a PC. Additionally, and this is a very troubling for mobile sites without an SSL certificate in Android OS, 52% of consumers that try to make a purchase on a mobile device and have a bad experience report they will not do business with the company again.

Bad experiences also lead to 40% of those online Android shoppers going to a competitor. Slow loading pages, problems with making payments or problems with the websites can lead to as many as 97% of online shoppers abandoning a shopping cart and going onto the next site. This set of statics, compiled by Rackspace, indicates the importance of not just a mobile-friendly site but a secure mobile site.

The reason why an ecommerce business needs an SSL certificate in Android is evident just by looking at the numbers. It is the same reason it is important for a traditional website; it allows the customer to have the knowledge and confidence that the information they transmit will be secure.

Not only does an SSL certificate in Android keep the customer safe when transmitting personal information or financial information, but it also ensures them they are on a valid website. With the SSL certificate in place, there is no concern it is a spoofed website. Consumers have the confidence they are shopping with your business and your business only.

Our Root CA

Comodo offers a trusted, embedded root CA or Certificate Authority. This means that we do not require any other source or CA to vouch or verify our trustworthiness. There are also Intermediate CAs and these CAs do need other root CAs to actually provide this level of trust.

In effect, with an intermediate CA provider, it is really a chain. The client, or the browser, only recognizes the root CA, which is a trusted source. However, as the root CA is "vouching" for the intermediate CA the browser recognizes the connection as secure.

We have developed our trustworthiness over the years with an outstanding track record. Recently we have become the largest Trust Provider in the world, and we fully conform to the AICPA/CICA WebTrust for Certification Authorities Principles and Criteria.

Our SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of browsers. This includes all smartphones, tablets and devices using Android operating systems.

How it Works

The Android operating system has an embedded list of trusted Certificate Authorities. These are the root CAs. Comodo is a root CA in the Android operating systems as well as in all major and most minor operating systems in all types of devices.

This means, as a trusted source for any SSL certificate in Android, there are never issues with a system update. Our root CA is there, allowing the client device to access secure sites without any of those warning messages that cause customers to immediately abandon shopping carts and head to the competition.

As a trusted root CA, Comodo offers SSL certificates for all operating systems and all types of sites. To download any of our certificates, visit us online at You are also welcome to give us a call at +1 888 266 6361, whichever option is most convenient always works for us.

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