Steps In An SSL Certificate Download

One of the benefits of our years of experience as a top Trust Provider for securing websites of all sizes and types around the world is our interactions with our customers. We have been able to streamline the SSL certificate download process to make it easier for IT professionals working on multiple sites or individuals who may be working on a website for the first time.

We do recommend that with any type of additions or changes to your server, including the conversion of different file formats, that you take the time to review all the information about the process. We have provided quick, easy, step-by-step instructions for the two separate components of the CSR and the installation to help those who may not have a lot of experienced.

Before you get started with the SSL certificate download, there are a few essential considerations. By knowing just what you need in an SSL certificate, you will be able to choose the correct option and then take the steps needed to have the download available for installation in just a few minutes.

The Right Certificate

Take some time to consider what level of security your customers are looking for as well as the features you require. For a single website our Comodo SSL and our EV SSL are very good options. Understanding the attributes of what is secure sockets layer will help in choosing the correct certificate.

The Comodo SSL provides the instantly recognizable gold padlock in the address bar. It also provides 2048 bit signatures and 256-bit encryption for safe transmission of data. As with all of our SSL certificates, 99.9% of devices and all major browsers will recognize us as a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) so your customers will never see any warning messages about website security.

The EV SSL is the highest level of security offered online. This is essential for high volume sales sites or for specific company sites where sensitive information may be exchanged. The EV or extended validation is easily recognized by a green address bar in most browsers or green text and padlock in front of the URL in others. Hovering over the green text provides information on the certificate as does the display of the CA's name alternating with your company name in the address bar.

For those online enterprises with a main domain and multiple subdomains, our Wildcard SSL offers a very cost effective option to provide security to all sites with one certificate. Offering all the features of the Comodo SSL including free S3 SSL certificate management tool and 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch website security platform, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning, this makes managing sites much easier and prevents lags in security coverage that can easily occur with multiple certificates across different main and subdomains.

Once you know the certificate that is best for your needs, the next steps will be to generate the CSR and start the SSL certificate download.

Making a Purchase

At Comodo ordering is simple. Just choose the right SSL certificate and click on the button found at the top of the page to make the purchase. Each certificate has slightly different requirements and steps, so just follow the prompts.

You will be asked to input your region, the certificate type (single domain or Wildcard) as well as the domain name. This will be the FQDN or the fully qualified domain name. You can add a SAN or Subject Alternative Name at a later point if required for the certificate.

You will also need to choose the terms of the certificate, which is how long it will be valid. As with most things, the longer the terms the lower the yearly cost, so we recommend looking to the two or three-year option to save money and reduce the time you will need to spend in the future in creating a new secure connection.


To complete the application and start the SSL certificate download, you will need to create a CSR or Certificate Signing Request through your server. We have simple instructions for different servers in our knowledgebase, just search by server name and the words "generate CSR".

The server will provide an encrypted block of text once the CSR is completed. All you will need to do is copy and paste it into the application page, provide the required account information and then proceed to the payment page. Within just minutes you will have the SSL certificate download ready to install.

Let us help you in selecting the right SSL certificate to buy. Give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 to discuss your needs or review the different options online at

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