Free SSL Certificate Download

There are several very good reasons why any business new to working with Comodo should consider our SSL certificate download for free. We also think this is a great opportunity and option for our existing customers as well.

Many IT professionals already take advantage of our SSL certificate download for free for a variety of reasons. By understanding the advantages, they see in this option, we think you will want to add it to your repertoire as well, taking the pressure off and providing additional options in many different ways. Make sure you start with learning about what is SSL and why it is important.

First, and this is very important to remember, our free SSL certificate is valid for 90 full days. Our competition offers a 30-day trial which is also a good option, but it is only a third of the time we offer. When offered a chance for 30 free days of providing security and trustworthiness or having 90, we believe that most people would rather opt for the extended time.

New Website Development

Our SSL certificates are valid from the date they are ordered until the end of the term you select. With our SSL certificate download for free this is a full 90 days. The valid to and from dates will be provided in the information on the product order information and can be seen from the certificate window.

To access the window, simply mouse-over or hover over the padlock and the information will appear by clicking through the boxes that appear just under the address bar. This is a quick and easy way to check even if the website is not yet open for business.

During testing, which is time that the website is not earning, using the free certificate is a great option. The site can be fully tested through different devices and browsers as well as all other tests required.

With our free SSL certificate there is a full 99.9% recognition by devices and browsers, so your testing can focus in on the basics of the site and not on the security. However, in the event there was some issue with the installation, you have that full three months to trace the problem. Of course, our knowledgebase information, Comodo forums and our customer service team are here to help you to troubleshoot any issues related to our product you may experience.

Changing Certificates

In some cases, you may want to change certificate types or even change Trust Providers. Many of our clients have come to us from other companies and they want to have time to become familiar with our products.

To provide that time, the SSL certificate download for free is a great idea. It will provide the same level of security as our Comodo SSL, which includes the gold padlock that customers readily identify with a secure site.

If you are a large ecommerce site or are transmitting sensitive information and want to continue using the EV SSL level of certificate, we do offer 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you the time to become familiar with our service, support and value-added features.

We provide the money back guarantee to all of our customers with our paid products. However, once trying our service we find people appreciate the quality of security and the added benefits to working with Comodo.

For some websites, the current SSL certificate may be expired and the deadline was missed in the website review. If you haven't had the chance to shop around, you can still use the free option and take those 90 days to do your online research.

Even if you choose not to use a Comodo product, you will not be charged. You will also have the added benefit of our top customer service and support all through the free use period. Create an account with us to access the forums and talk to other IT professionals and product users to get an idea of the level of security, support and services you can expect.

Giving away 90-days of free security to a website is an investment we are willing to make. We know that the products will speak for themselves and our customer service, support and resources are just additional benefits our customers will be able to use.

Before your 90 days is over, choose the right SSL certificate for your needs at If you have any questions or want to talk to our technical support or sales staff about any specifics of the products, just give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. We will make sure you get the answers you need.

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