Comodo Free SSL Certificate Download

Some things that are free are not really free; they are just offered at no cost for the moment. That isn't the way we do things at Comodo. Our free SSL certificate is really free and not just for the 30 days our competitors offer.

Instead, we offer a 90-day SSL certificate free download. This provides you with three full months of use of the product which offers the same 2048 bit signatures and 256-bit encryption our paid products offer. Understanding the definition of SSL will be important in knowing why this is important.

Additionally, and just to be clear, this is the same trusted root signing this product as any of our certificates. The download will provide the website with the same look and value-added features that our paid options offer. It is also recognized by all the same devices and browser, which means it is 99.9% recognized.

There are several different reasons why we offer an SSL certificate free download. These reasons all benefit our clients and customers and make this a terrific offer to take advantage of for anyone.

Immediate Issuance

As with our Comodo SSL and Wildcard SSL, applying for the SSL certificate free download is simple and easy. You will use your current server to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), just as you would for any of our paid options.

This CSR is going to be in encrypted form, but it contains all the information we need to generate the files you require for installation. The information in encrypted form should be cut and pasted into the ASCll text editor and all spaces removed. Then, cut and paste this into the CSR box on our application page.

You will then need to choose the software type on the server that was used to generate the CSR. We have all the major servers listed in a dropdown box. If the specific server software isn't listed, you can choose other.

Then, click through the information and submit the application. We will validate the information and have the digital certificate ready for you in a just a few minutes. We will need some information for the domain control validation, which proves you are the domain owner. We will also need corporate details to prove the company exists for the EV level. These are checked against reliable and qualified government databases.

Why Use A Free Download?

There are several reasons why our customers may choose to use a free download. One of the biggest reasons is for testing the website. By installing the SSL certificate free download, the website can be fully tested without impacting the time of coverage on a paid version.

Then, after the 90 days, it will be very easy to upgrade to the paid version of the certificate with the full confidence that it is working seamlessly with your system. This doesn't compromise the security of the website, but it also doesn't impact the actual time your paid certificate is in effect. With the Comodo 90-day free option, there is also no rush to complete testing.

Another reason to choose the free SSL certificate is if you are managing several domains and subdomains and have a staggered set of certificate expiry dates. Using the free option to bring certificates into a more uniform renewal period can be helpful. If you do have several sites, you may want to consider our Wildcard SSL.

The Wildcard SSL allows you to secure a main domain and all subdomains with one certificate, making management a lot easier. There is also less risk of anything expiring and leaving a site vulnerable to hacking, spoofing and phishing.

It is also easy, even for a smaller company, to suddenly realize a certificate is going to expire or has just expired. If you missed the reminder emails or just let it slip, the SSL certificate free download can be completed in minutes, giving your customers a secure shopping or online experience until you complete the EV SSL application or get organized to install the Comodo Wildcard SSL.

We also realize that this is a trial period for our company. While people may come in for the free certificate, they stay with us because of the quality of products and the attention to customer service we provide for each of our customers.

To get started with your SSL certificate free download, or to learn more about or other types of SSL certificates, visit us online at Read, browse the site and compare and the give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or chat live with a sales advisor if you have any questions.

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