GeoTrust vs Comodo SSL Certificates Comparison

It can be difficult to compare different companies and services, particularly when it comes to comparing digital SSL certificates. Two of the biggest names in the industry are GeoTrust and Comodo, but there are some very important differences to consider between these Certificate Authorities.

We would like to start by saying that we are both very reputable companies with excellent track records in securing websites for our customers. Whether you choose the SSL certificate from Geotrust or from us, your customers will enjoy secure transmittal of information over the web from the browser to the server.

We offer comparable types of SSL certificates with minor differences in different features. Often the decision to choose GeoTrust or Comodo is a factor of those slight differences. Sitting down and considering what you want and need and then looking at each of the options from each company is often the best way to see the differences. Also, understanding the meaning of SSL will also be critical.

Name Recognition

Let's start by looking at name recognition. One of the big marketing pitches at GeoTrust is that they have been in business for years and are the most recognized name. However, Comodo has just been recognized as the largest Trust Provider on the globe, which gives us a lot of name recognition as well.

You will find the Comodo TrustLogo prominently displayed on websites of all sizes and from all countries around the world. Our EV SSL, Wildcard SSL and Comodo SSL at the domain validated, organization validated and extended validated levels are easy to spot.

Additionally, GeoTrust only offers SSL products. At Comodo, we offer both SSL products as well as antivirus products. This allows our clients to use one provider for both of these important components in creating a secure, safe and trusted website.

Types of SSL Products

When it comes to types of SSL products, Comodo offers a great range of different options. These include instant SSL certificates that can be used to provide trustworthiness and security for all types of websites. The SSL certificate from Geotrust will do the same thing as a basic security function, but you may not find all the additional value-added features that will include with each of our packages.

We also offer a top price range, making it ideal for websites with limited budgets to those with large ecommerce budgets where security for online transactions is a priority. Our extensive infrastructure and our use of the highest AICPA/CICA WebTrust for Certification Authorities Principles and Criteria, along with our third-party independent accountant audits mean that our procedures are fully in compliance with all industry standards. This includes how we conduct our validation procedures before issuing our SSL products.

Additional Considerations

Our staff is available online through the chat system on the site or by phone to discuss any questions you may have or to assist in selecting the right service. We strive to make customer service our priority, with most tickets responded to within an hour.

We offer unlimited server licenses with our SSL certificates as well as full mobile support. Our site seal, the Comodo TrustLogo, is also included with all of our paid products as well as our free 90-day SSL certificate.

This is very different from the competition. They offer a free trial, but it is only for 30 days. We think that you need to get a longer time to work with the system and to see the value in the added security for your website, so we triple the time for our offer.

We offer 2048-bit signatures to meet the NIST requirements. We also provide 128/256 bit encryption that ensures your data is transmitted safely from the browser to the server with every transaction.

The one big difference most people experience when comparing SSL certificate from Geotrust and the same type of certificate from Comodo is the speed of validation and the ability to have the files needed to complete the install quickly. With our Comodo Wildcard SSL, you will have the issuance of the files in an hour, while you will be waiting up to 2 days for the competition.

We would like our customers to compare our products with the same SSL certificate from Geotrust. If we can be any help in providing answers to your questions, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. We are also available through online chat or, if you like, browse our resources section, our Comodo forums or look through our knowledge-base to see the support and services we provide.

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