The SSL Certificate: Domain Validated, Organizational Validated Or Extended Validated

When it comes to providing security on a website, not every website needs the same level of protection. In fact, many websites are out there only to provide information or entertainment and they will never be used to transmit information of any type between someone on the site and another entity.

This doesn't mean that these types of sites won't benefit from an SSL certificate. Domain validated sites, which is a basic secure site, will be treated differently in the Google algorithms used in search engine ranking, with validated sites seeing benefits that won't be available to sites without validation through a certificate.

For those sites transmitting information, including either credit card or debit card information, personal information, login information or other types of data, a higher level or more stringent verification process is required for increased security and trustworthiness. Understanding the meaning of SSL will be important in choosing the right option.

These will include our organizational validated or extended validated certificates. As they are all very different levels of validation, let's take a closer look at how Comodo completes the procedure for each level. This will also help you to determine the level of validation and verification your website needs to provide the trustworthiness your customers are looking for.

SSL Certificate Domain Validated

With Comodo or any other Certificate Authority, an SSL certificate domain validated or DV SSL is the lowest level of security. It is also the lowest cost and often the best answer for very small websites that are not engaged in any exchange of sensitive personal information. These are typically available within just a few minutes after the online application and they are easily under a hundred dollars a year.

For blogs, online information sites just collected emails for downloads or newsletter sign-up it may be all that is required. Google will see that the website has a certificate, which is beneficial for the site in the search engine rankings. In addition, customers will see the gold padlock in the address bar, but if they hover over it there will not be any domain information provided. For a savvy individual, this may result in leaving the site and not returning.

Of course, there is no restriction on what type of certificate a site has to use, regardless of the business or sales it is doing. It is possible for a website engaged in ecommerce or collecting information to us the SSL certificate domain validated option.

At Comodo, our SSL certificate domain validated will provide the Trustlogo site seal, 128/256 bit encryption and 2048 bit signatures. It can be used on one domain and is recognized by 99.9% of browsers and devices. It offers full support through telephone, email and the web.

All other layers of certificates will have the same basic validation as found at the DV level. This includes a set of challenges to prove the information provided including an email challenge, http based DCV and a DNS CNAME based DCV.

Organization Validated SSL and EV SSL

The organization validated certificate is a good option for companies or individual that do not meet the standards required to obtain the extended validation certificate. For example, an individual selling merchandise online that is not a corporation or other recognized entity can use the OV SSL and provide a higher level of security for customers than the DV.

There are more verification steps required with the OV level depending on the applicant. This includes documentation that actually provides verification of the entity, organization or business. This can include information about the legal creation of the business or documentation from a QIIS or Qualified Independent Information Source.

We also require personal information such as a driver's license, proof of address on a utility bill as well as valid information on the website including WhoIs verification.

The EV SSL is only available to specified types of corporations and entities. The validation and verification process includes all the steps of the DV and OV SSL as well as additional steps. This includes several different steps in both verifying the legal business as well as the domain ownership.

The various levels of SSL certificate are important for many reasons. The SSL certificate domain validated option can be done within minutes, while a full EV SSL will take additional time and paperwork requirements to complete the process.

To assist in finding the right SSL certificate for your website needs, talk to our staff at +1 888 266 6361. You can also chat online at before you buy the SSL certificate to secure your site.

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