Tips For Using An SSL Certificate Checker

With an SSL certificate, online customers have the confidence in knowing they are transmitting their data over a secure, encrypted connection. This connection provides protection from the browser to the server for every transaction.

As an IT professional, knowing that the SSL certificate is providing that level of protection is a priority. At Comodo, we recognize the importance of being able to verify the security is in place. We offer an SSL certificate checker, also known as an analyzer, to verify the installation is correct and the SSL certificate is functioning to specifications.

Getting Started with the SSL Certificate Checker

Our Comodo SSL analyzer is free to use, which is always a great thing to discover. To obtain the report on any given website, simply input the URL of the site to be tested into the box on the analysis page.

It will be important to use the FDQN or fully qualified domain name, which includes the hostname as well as the domain name. Then, we will do all the work for you. Just hit the analyze button below the box where the FDQN is entered.

It is important to note we can also complete the analysis using an IP address. These options make using our free SSL certificate checker easy regardless of the specifics of the website or IP requiring the test.

Information Provided

Within just seconds you will receive a full report for the specific domain or IP address entered. This report will include specific certificate details, including the common name and all alternative names for the FDQN.

Our report will provide information on the certificate state details as well as those for the server. For reference, we provide information on the software the server is using, the IP address, the port and the hostname. We also include information about the server clock and the report will stipulate if it is accurate or if there is a problem.

Included in the report will be the protocol versions and comments about any possible vulnerabilities. These issues will be easily identified as they will be in red. The report also clearly lists if the protocol version of the SSL or TLS is insecure, again this is highlighted in red for easy visibility.

To conclude the report provided by the Comodo free SSL certificate checker, there is information on the protocol features and any possible problems in addition to the cipher suites enabled.

There are some helpful focus areas on the report that will be important to consider for any IT manager. In the certificate information section at the top of the report, you will find critical information. This will list the issuer brand, which will be Comodo if you use our secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate.

Below this the validation type will be printed. This can be extended validation (EV), organizational validation (OV) or domain validated (DV). The levels or types of SSL certificate provide different levels of security and vetting. EV is the most stringent, and it is used by ecommerce sites, businesses and government entities among others.

The OV SSL certificate, or Comodo SSL, checks the validity of use of the domain name as well as required basic vetting or verification of the website. The DV designation is used to verify the right to use the domain name. This is the most basic option and provides no additional vetting or verification of the domain holder.

Immediately below this, you will find the confirmation that your Comodo SSL certificate is trusted by Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla. This is provided in a simple yes or no answer for easy confirmation.

To complete all the information for the SSL certificate the analysis report will also provide the serial number, the key and the dates the certificate is valid.

Benefits To Using the SSL certificate checker

There are several common reasons to use the Comodo SSL Analysis tool. It is a simple way to verify the correct SSL certificate is installed and that it is also valid. Errors, installation glitches or other issues with the certificate or the security will be instantly identified through the report.

Another benefit to using the checker to produce the analysis report is to avoid any possible error messages reaching the website users. These error messages, particularly during checkout and when transmitting sensitive information or payment information, can result in customers simply turning to another site if there are security concerns.

Our staff at Comodo SSL is here to assist you in using our SSL certificate analyzer or in troubleshooting any issues you may find. To see all we offer or to buy a Comodo SSL certificate, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or drop by the website at

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