How To Using SSL Certificate Generator

A very big benefit to being the largest Trust Provider in the world is the ability to offer a range of different top quality services, tools and features to our customers. One of the options we offer for IT professional and website administrators is our Comodo auto-installer, which takes all of the challenges out of secure sockets layer (SSL) generation and installation.

Think of this as an SSL certificate generator and installer all in one. It literally takes all of the hassles out of having to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), complete all the validation information and requirements and then also having to go through the steps of the installation.

For anyone working with an Apache or on IIS web-servers, having this SSL certificate generator and installer all in one even binds the certificates. This is all done with just one quick click. To add to the benefit, this is set up in minutes and use is intuitive and easy.

The First Step

If you are not using our SSL certificate generator, then you are having to go into the server and generate your CSR using a complicated set of steps through OpenSSL. While this is certainly an option and it can be done, it can also be more than a bit confusing.

We have several pages of tips and instructions to help you complete the process from your website. Each server will have its own unique process. It will be important to know the specific type of software used to generate the SSL in order to complete the process.

You will also have to be sure to click the appropriate server type when placing your order. If this is done in error through our SSL certificate generator on our website, the files will come in the incorrect format to match with your server.

This doesn't mean that the files cannot be used, but it does mean you will need to use a converter to transfer the current format into the required format for the server. The incorrect file format cannot be used as it holds different encoding and will not be compatible. This adds another step to the installation process and another source of a potential challenge.

Using the Comodo Certificate Installer tool is free, which is another reason why this should be your SSL certificate generator. It is very easy to use and displays just what is happening with your certificates. This includes the order number, date and the domain name where the SSL certificate is installed or issued.

The certificate status column allows you to see which domains have a certificate installed or which are pending installation or waiting for a CSR. To create the CSR just chose the "Generate request" option next to the certificate states and hit apply.

The same process is used to install and bind the certificate. We even provide the binding information and provide information about the administrative email on record as well as the common name for the certificate.

The Old School Way

If you only need to install a single certificate, you may not need the full automatic SSL certificate generator and installer, at least not at this time. For those single website or when installing a single Wildcard SSL to cover the domain and subdomains, you can use OpenSSL.

For many servers including Apache, NGINX and OS X there is a single command to use in the webserver. This will generate or create two different files. One file is the private key and it will be named myserver.key. This file should be kept secured and do not share it with anyone, including the CA.

The private key will be used to create the Certificate Signing Request. There will be additional information to enter, including the country, state or provide, locality, organization information, the common name (CN) as well the administrative email address. There may be a challenge password also required.

It is possible to leave some fields blank, but others have to be completed. It is also essential to use the correct format when entering information as incorrectly entering information will result in validation and verification issues.

To avoid all these problems and potential issues with SSL certificate generation, download our free auto-installer. For more information on this, or to buy any of our SSL certificates, visit us at We can also be reached by phone at +1 888 266 6361 or talk to our sales reps through the live chat system on the website.

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