Understanding The Basic SSL Certificate Types Offered By Comodo

We recognize that not all ecommerce businesses and websites need the same level of security. Some companies may only need security on a single website while others may have multiple subdomains to secure. Yet other businesses may need security for Microsoft Exchange or a Microsoft Office communications server.

To accommodate all types of security needs, including those for communication servers and exchanges, Comodo offers a full line of different products and SSL certificate types. We even provide a full 90-day free SSL certificate that is just as respected as our paid certificates, which is a big help to new and existing clients for testing websites or for handling transitions from old to SSL certificates.

To help you to get started in making a selection between the different certificate types offered, a quick introduction and details about what is SSL will be helpful.

Comodo SSL

To secure a single website we offer our flagship Comodo SSL. This is a very low-cost SSL certificate that provides all the features and security you and your customers expect.

We also add a lot of features to increase the value of this SSL certificate. With the purchase of this single website certificate, we also offer 99.9% browser recognition and the NIST 2048 bit digital signatures. With this certificate your site also will be provided with free S3 SSL certificate management tool to install and manage your certificates from any Windows or Linux laptop and discover all existing certificates on your network, and 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch website security platform managed security service augmented by cyber security experts, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning to help keep your website to the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and ensure that your website will be able to accept all major credit cards, and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning to increase protection for your business.

Wildcard SSL

The Wildcard SSL is designed for those who have a main domain and several subdomains. With just one SSL certificate, which is the same level of security as our single site option, you can protect all of your subdomains. Additionally, each of our certificates offers unlimited server licensing all for the same low flat price.

We offer a relying party warranty, a 30 days refund policy and the use of our Trustlogo site seal to allow customers to immediately see your certification.


The extended validation option in our SSL certificate types is for those ecommerce businesses wanting to offer the highest level of security, trust and confidence for their customers.

This certificate will involve intensive vetting and verification. Customers will know they are on the highest level of secure site with the green address bar that is synonymous with top security.

As with all our other SSL certificate types, you will receive our top customer service and the use of all the features outlined above. You will also receive priority phone support if you have any issues. We offer a $1,750,000 relying party warranty with this SSL certificate.

Comodo UCC/SAN

Our UCC/SAN SSL certificate is specially designed for companies using Microsoft Exchange or a Microsoft office communications server. This certificate also features 128/256 bit encryption, full SAN (Subject Alternative Name) control as well free unlimited move or change of domains with no fee re-issuance.

We are one of three official Microsoft UCC vendors and we can provide support and assistance specific to any installation or certificate questions or concerns. Keep in mind, these SSL certificates can actually be used across different domains, limiting the amount of time needed to provide security as well as the ongoing management.

It is possible to combine our UCC certificate with a Wildcard SSL when needed. If this is the best combination for your business, talk to our staff as we do offer special pricing for different combinations.

Regardless of your choice of SSL certificate types, you will always have the ability to quickly and easily apply online and receive the certificate without the need to fax in any paperwork or complete long, complicated application forms.

Once you have the SSL certificate, you will complete the simple installation. In just a few minutes your customers will enjoy secure online transactions and shopping. You can also choose to display the Trustlogo, which is very recognizable and adds to the reputation of your site.

If you have any questions about the best type of SSL certificate for your website or websites, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. Remember, we also offer a free SSL certificate and this, as well as all our other certificates, are available today at https://ssl.comodo.com.

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