What is SSL Certificate Authentication

When your customers arrive on your website to make an online purchase, book a service or transfer any type of personal information via forms, emails or other types of documents, they want to be sure the data is secure.

As a business with a Comodo SSL certificate, you are already providing that level of security for your customers and web visitors. Your customers and visitors to the site will be able to verify the site is secure in several different ways. While some online consumers are very savvy about SSL certificate authentication, others are not.

We understand this different comfort level, so we provide your customers with different ways to vary the Comodo SSL certificate authentication. Even for new online shoppers, our Trustlogo is an easy way to immediately and clearly see your site is a trusted place to shop. For those more comfortable with SSL certificates, there are also indicators in the address bar that immediately confirm they are on a secure site.

Go for the Green

We know the saying is typically "go for the gold" but when it comes to SSL certificate authentication green actually beats gold. The standard SSL security indicator is the gold padlock. This gold padlock verifies that the CA, or the Certificate Authority, has done the basic check on the company and the domain, which is true for all reputable CAs.

Unfortunately, many of the low-cost, here today and gone tomorrow types of CAs have not followed procedures. This means that some customers have experienced security and fraud issues after using sites secured by these CAs.

For many online businesses, particularly those dealing with significant sales, boosting their SSL certificate to an EV SSL is the best possible option. The EV or extended validation is visually very different than the standard SSL.

In many browsers, such as Internet Explorer, the entire address bar is green. For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the first part of the address bar before the URL will be in a green font with a green padlock.

Hovering over the padlock will provide information on the CA. Clicking on the green padlock provides even more information, including the CAs full name and location and indicating it is a secure site. Users can even click further and find out information about the site and the CA, including the SSL certificate authentication dates and the type of Secure Sockets Layer certificate if there is any question.

The Trustlogo Site Seal

While this is all great for experienced website users, how do those that are not up on security features and colors in address bars get the information you offer a secure, trusted site for online transactions?

We have that covered as well. Each of our Wildcard and single site SSL certificates comes with the use of the Trustlogo site seal as part of the package. This is also known as our Hackerproof seal, and it is easy to see and easy to recognize for all of your customers. It is found in the lower right-hand corner of all our SSL certificate protected websites, and it always stays in that position on the screen, so it is visible as the viewer scrolls up or down.

The design of this SSL certificate authentication will stand out. It is a red triangle in the background with our Comodo and SSL certificate information in white on the bottom. Close to the top, we offer a graphic that sums it all up. An image of the Earth surrounded by a gold padlock allows customers to immediately identify this as a sign of a reputable, secure and safe online site to do business.

By mousing-over the Trustlogo image, visitors will see information on the SSL certificate. This is all done without redirection to a new window or those annoying pop-ups.

The Advantages

Providing SSL certificate authentication for your customers is more than just a necessary protocol. It is also a way to make your site different than the competitor's sites. This includes being more trusted and offering a recognized, safe place for online transactions.

This will result in higher conversion rates on the site, fewer abandoned shopping carts and an uptick in repeat business. This is information that can be tracked with analytics, making it a very low-cost way to boost your bottom line.

If you are interested in trying a free version of our SSL certificate or adding an EV SSL or Wildcard SSL to your site, see us online at https://ssl.comodo.com/. We would love to talk to you about your SSL needs, just give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or contact us by email.

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