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Highly Trusted SSL Certificates from Comodo

Comodo, global leaders in the SSL market, delivers technology that can be trusted to authenticate, validate and secure “information,” and to combat constant malware threats and cyber attacks. Comodo issues all kinds of highly secure SSL certificates and works with a mission to create trust online.

Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost-effective way to secure a website or any online business. Comodo certificates are low-cost certificates and come with great value-added packages, suitable for small to medium size businesses. Comodo SSL gives any website the highest level of security plus additional tools, which would help ensure things like increasing sales conversions, winning customer trust etc.

EV Certificates

Extended Validation SSL Certificate or EV SSL certificate delivers the highest security for businesses and features highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256-bit encryption. It is recognized by 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices. The most notable feature of EV SSL certificates is that they make the HTTPS browser address bar go green and come with a Free TrustLogo site seal- features that tell visitors that they are interacting with a secured website and that their personal data would be totally safe.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Comodo Wildcard Certificates help secure unlimited subdomains over multiple servers and hence can be seen as the most cost-effective security solution for businesses that need to secure all their subdomains. It features 128/256 bit encryption, future-proof 2048 bit keys, full business validation and is recognized by 99.99% web browsers and mobile devices. Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates come with unlimited re-issuance policy and unlimited server licenses.

UC Certificate

Comodo's Unified Communications Certificate (UC Certificate) helps consolidate all of your certificates into a single UC Certificate. The UC certificate features 128/256 bit encryption, full SAN (Subject Alternative Name) control, a $250,000 relying party warranty and is trusted by 99.9% of browsers, servers and clients. It's designed for MS Exchange and OCS environments and has as its highlight unlimited, no free re-issuance. Comodo happens to be one among the three official Microsoft UCC vendors.

Why Buy SSL Certificate from Comodo?

Comodo has earned a reputation as the No. 1 security and trust provider in the world. The company, which is the Best Seller of SSL certificates, has bagged a 43.1 percent market share in the global SSL certificate market. Thus, buying SSL certificates from Comodo would definitely be advantageous than opting for any other brand.

How to Choose Your SSL Certificate?

Choosing an SSL certificate is something that has to be done with extra care since it directly relates to your security. Here are some tips that could help choose a good, trusted SSL certificate:

  • Choose the right CA- the best and the most reliable certificate authority. This helps ensure proper working of your private key and SSL certificate, which in turn would help protect data.
  • Based on your requirements, decide on what kind of certificate you need. Choose single-name certificate, or wildcard certificate or multi-domain SSL based on your requirements.
  • Always go for a certificate that offers at least 128-bit protection. One with 256-bit encryption would provide better protection.
  • Know clearly about the three levels of certificate validation- Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) and make your choice accordingly.
  • Go for an SSL certificate that provides 24x7 service support and is issued promptly.

What makes Comodo SSL certificates better than others?

Comodo SSL certificates have an edge on other SSL certificates, owing to the following reasons:

  • Comodo certificates offer the world's strongest, securest encryption to any website.
  • It's a hassle-free one-click set up that makes it immensely popular.
  • Comodo SSL certificate assures better search engine search rankings for websites.
  • 24/7 customer support is assured.
  • Comodo SSL certificates have earned a reputation as Google-trusted certificates.
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