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How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on KEMP Load Balancer

Step 1: Generating your CSR keypair:

  1. Log into your Kemp LoadMaster WUI.
  2. In the main menu of the LoadMaster WUI, select Certificates > SSL Certificates.
  3. Specify a name for you private key in the Private Key Identifier field.
  4. Click Generate CSR

5. Specify the following information:

  • Country Name: The two letter code for your country. Example: US, DE
  • State or Province (S): Spell out the state completely; do not abbreviate the state or province name, for example: California
  • Locality or City (L): The Locality field is the city or town name, for example: Berkeley.
  • Company: The main legal name of your company. If your company or department has an &, @, or any other symbol using the shift key in its name, you must spell out the symbol or omit it to enroll. Example: XY & Z Corporation would be XYZ Corporation or XY and Z Corporation.
  • Organization: This field is optional; but can be used to help identify certificates registered to an organization. The Organizational Unit (OU) field is the name of the department or organization unit making the request.
  • Common Name: The Common Name is the Host + Domain Name. It looks like "" or "".
  • SAN/UCC Names: You can specify other names if you will use a Multi-SAN SSl certificate, this option is indicated if you want to have,, etc.

Note: Even though you may specify SAN's on this CSR you will have to make sure you specify what these extra SAN's are when enrolling for a SSL Certificate.

6. After filling out the information click Create CSR.

7. Copy the text of your CSR from the —begin— and —end— header/footer You will be required to submit this CSR, when enrolling for your SSL certificate.