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How to Install Certificates on FileMaker Server 15 and Later


  • FileMaker Server
  • 15.x

Purchase a SSL certificate

Select a SSL certificate to purchase from a Certificate Authority (CA). The following certificates were tested by FileMaker Inc. If you use a certificate not on this list, be sure to test the certificate before using it in production.



  • Comodo SSL Certificate
  • EV SSL

To complete the purchase, you may be asked to do the following:

  • Paste or upload the contents of your CSR: Open serverRequest.pem in a text editor and copy the entire contents into the space provided on the CA's website. (Including -Begin Certificate Request- and -End Certificate Request-)
  • Provide the server's FQDN.
  • Select a signature hash algorithm (use SHA-2 with SHA-1 root).
  • Select "Other" as the server software used to generate the CSR.
  • Validate by email that you are the owner of the domain name specified in the CSR.

Multi-machine deployments: purchase a wildcard certificate that can be imported on all machines.

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