Web Host Resellers: How to Add, Manage, and Delete Users Product Videos

Web Host Resellers: How to Add, Manage, and Delete Users

User Management master admin procedures; add new users, enable or disable purchase, run report and/or deposit funds user permissions, amend user details and/or address, and deactivate users.
Web Host Resellers: Introduction to the Reseller Management Center Product Videos

Web Host Resellers: Introduction to the Reseller Management Center

Quick tour of the management features; login, deposit additional funds, buy prices, customer order options, user management, report on orders, report on incomplete orders, and support resources.
Frequently Asked Question

Make it easy for me. What do I have to do to become compliant?

1. Complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire using our free, online wizard Preliminary questions will help you to determine which 'validation type' your company fits intoand therefore of the 4 self assessments questionnaires you need to complete.Each of...
Frequently Asked Question

What are the penalties for non-compliance with the PCI standards?

Validation and enforcement is the responsibility of the acquiring financial institution or payment processor. For each instance of non-compliance, these organizations levy various penalties onto merchants and service providers which can include: Increased transaction processing feesFines of more...
Frequently Asked Question

What's the deadline for compliance/ When must I begin using the new PCI standards?

The Payment Card Industry Standards, Security Audit Procedures, Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and Security Scanning Requirements are effective immediately....
Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor capable of providing quarterly PCI vulnerability scans?

Right here! Sectigo HackerGuardian offers a range of PCI compliance services designed for merchants and service providers of all sizes....
Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find and complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire?

Hackerguardian provides a free wizard that guide merchants and service providers through each stage of self-assessment questionnaire. More details on the wizard can be found : here Merchants have to answer all questions with 'Yes' or 'N/A...
Frequently Asked Question

What criteria causes a Pass or Fail on a PCI scan

Each post-scan HackerGuardian Executive report states a PCI compliance status of 'Compliant' or 'Not Compliant' based on the discovery of potential security flaws on your systems. If no vulnerabilities with a CVSS base score greater than 4.0...
Frequently Asked Question

How often do I have to scan?

Every 90 days / once per quarter. Merchants and Service providers should submit compliance documentation (successful scan reports) according to the timetable determined by their acquirer. Scans must be conducted by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor...
Frequently Asked Question

What if I fail the PCI scan?

If your HackerGuardian Executive Report indicates 'NOT COMPLIANT' then vulnerabilities with CVSS base score greater than 4.0 were discovered on your externally facing IP addresses. The accompanying Technical Report contains a detailed synopsis of each vulnerability...

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