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An extended validation (EV) certificate is a certificate issued in conformance with the extended validation guidelines. The organizational identifying information receives prominent display in some browsers.
Because there are no generally accepted standards for verifying the organizational information that is contained in some certificates, uncertainty has arisen in users’ minds over the significance of the padlock icon. This confusion has been compounded by the growing practice of Web site operators to display padlock icons within the site contents. Furthermore, the URLs that commonly appear in browser address bars have become obscure and users can no longer use these to assure themselves that
Question: When will we see Web sites protected by extended validation (EV) certificates? Answer:You need to be using Firefox 3, IE 7, Opera 9, Safari 3.2, and Google Chrome 1.x. These are the only browsers as of Dec 2008 that support the EV identifier. Typically this modifies the color of the address bar. If a site uses an EV Certificate and it is valid, it typically changes some part of the Address Bar to a shade of green. Most browsers do support EV, but do not change the address bar.
IMPORTANT: Version 1 of EV Enhancer has been discontinued. Please "uninstall" it from your webpages and install Version 2 instead. How do I "uninstall" EV Enhancer Version 1? Remove all instances of the following script from your webpages:
IMPORTANT: Comodo EV AUTO-Enhancer - Automatic EV Deployment and Maintenance Technology has been discontinued. Please uninstall it and install EV Enhancer Version 2 instead. Uninstallation instructions can be found by clicking Apache or IIS
The minimum key 'bit' size for an EV SSL certificate CSR is 2048 bit. Related Articles* What web browsers support EV SSL Certificates?
EV AUTO-Enhancer™ has been discontinued. Please use "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs" to uninstall EV AUTO-Enhancer for IIS. This action will cause IIS to automatically restart. We recommend that you install EV Enhancer Version 2.
EV AUTO-Enhancer has been discontinued. To uninstall EV AUTO-Enhancer for Apache, replace your current "bundle" file (referenced by either 'SSLCertificateChainFile' directive) with the one you originally received with your certificate. Then, restart Apache for the changes to take effect. We recommend that you install EV Enhancer Version 2.
For these instructions to work you will need to have generated your CSR For your certificate and have a pending request waiting on the website. The First step you will need to do is follow the instructions on the article below and backup the pending request. Backing up and Restoring the pending request in IIS 5 or 6 Once this is done you can the use your CSR you have generated previously to order and install a temporary or trial certificate onto your server.
Question: What web browsers support EV SSL Certificates? Answer: Most modern-day web browsers support EV SSL. However there are only a few that change some area of the address bar or title bar to a shade of green if they see a VALID EV SSL certificate. Browsers: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Safari 3.2+ Google Chrome 1.x+ Opera 9+ Comodo Dragon 0.9x+ Related Articles * What size keys does Comodo support for EV SSL CSRs
This article is intended to provide only a general outline of the data verified by Comodo when processing an EV Certificate application. The document is not definitive and does not reflect Comodo’s full EV process. For a complete listing of Comodo’s validation requirements, please refer to both Comodo’s EV Certificate Practice Statement and the EV Guidelines. When submitting an EV Certificate application, Comodo will validate the following: Applicant’s Legal Status.
IMPORTANT: The following instructions are applicable to COMODO EV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificate customers only. What is EV Enhancer? The COMODO EV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificates both come with EV Enhancer, which ensures that the EV "green bar", the certificate holder's organization name and "Identified by COMODO" are always displayed in Internet Explorer 7 (and above) on Windows XP (and above). How does it work? EV Enhancer Version 2 uses a simple HTML"