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Generating a CSR on a Google Mini Search Appliance

Generating a CSR on a Google Mini Search Appliance

Follow the steps below to generate a CSR and install a self-signed certificate.

In the Admin Console, choose Administration > SSL Settings.
On the SSL Settings page, scroll down to Create a New SSL Certificate.

Under Host Name, enter the fully qualified host name of the search appliance. This is the name users see when they search on your site.
Under Organizational Unit, enter the name of your department. For example, "Web Services Group".
Under Organization, enter the name of your organization.
Under Locality, enter the name of your city.
Under State, enter the state or province. You must use the full name, not an abbreviation.
Under Country, enter the two-letter code for your country, such as US or FR.
Under Email Address, enter the administrator's email address, or "None."
Under SSL Private Key, enter your company's non-encrypted private key, or click the Browse button to locate it. The SSL Settings page can only install non-encrypted RSA keys in .pem format. If the key is encrypted, see decrypting a private key.

Click the Create Self-Signed Certificate button to generate a keypair for the certificate signing request. The generated keypair is 2048-bit RSA.
Installing the certificate restarts the appliance. Click the Install SSL Certificate button. When the page refreshes, the following message appears at the top:

SSL certificate installed. The appliance console needs to be restarted, please log in again.
On the Admin Console login page, click Log in, and log in using your username and password.
Choose Administration > SSL Settings. Your new certificate information is listed under Current SSL Certificate Information.
Verify that the information shown under Current SSL Certificate Information is correct. To generate a certificate signing request file based on this information, click the Export
Certificate Signing Request button.

The Download dialog box opens with a search appliance Certificate Signing Request file (.pem). Save the CSR file to your hard disk.
Locate the saved file, and send it to Networking4all.

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