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Is my SSL certificate installed correctly?

Question: Does Comodo provide a way for me to check to see if my SSL certificate is installed correctly?

Answer: Yes, we have our SSL Analyzer to offer. On this page you simply need to enter the FQDN of the website you want us to analyze (check). (e.g.,, secure.YOURDOMAIN.COM,

Some Frequently Asked Questions on reading the output of the SSL Analyzer

  • What validation level is the certificate I have installed on my site? Look for Validation Type as it will say: Domain Validated (DV), Organizational Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV).

  • Is my certificate trusted by IE and Firefox? Look for Trusted by Microsoft? and Trusted by Mozilla? to be Yes.

  • How can I tell which SSL/TLS protocol my server is using? Look for the section labeled Protocol Versions.

  • What hashing algorithm is my certificate using? You can see what its using by simply looking for Signature in the Certificate Details section. Most certificates will say: SHA-1 / RSA


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