Knowledgebase: Trustlogo
Trustlogo Example Installation

This page contains links to wizards which guide you through the process of installing a Trustlogo on your website. Please choose the type of logo you require from the list below:

SSL Certificate Customers

Comodo Secure Logo

Click Here to setup a ‘Comodo Secure’ Trustlogo. This type of Trustlogo is available to all SSL customers (including EV SSL customers).

EV SSL Certificate Customers

EV Corner of Trust

Click Here to setup an ‘EV Corner of Trust’ Trustlogo. This type of logo is available only to EV SSL customers as an alternative to the 'Comodo Secure' logo.

Authentic Trustlogo Customers

Click Here to setup an ‘Authentic’ Trustlogo. Authentic logos provide website visitors with real-time assurance of your business credentials and are purchased without an accompanying SSL certificate.

Card Payment Trustlogo Customers

Click Here to setup a ‘Card Payment’ Trustlogo.

Official Partner Trustlogo

Click Here to setup an ‘Official Partner’ Trustlogo.

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