How do I get a replacement certificate?

Question: How do I get a replacement certificate?

Answer:  You may obtain a replacement certificate through your account. There are different procedures depending on which type of an account the certificate was purchased through.


Retail (Direct from Comodo)

  1. Log into your account via https://secure.trust-provider.com
  2. Click SSL Certificates
  3. Locate your certificate's order number in the resulting list.
  4. Click Replace
  5. Provide new CSR and click Next
  6. Follow all on screen instructions.

E-PKI / Web Host Reseller

  1. Log into your account via https://secure.trust-provider.com
  2. Click either Web Host Reseller or E-PKI Manager
    Note #1: This all depends on where the certificate was purchased. If you're unsure, then please contact Support.
  3. Locate Report on Your Orders under Reporting Facilities
  4. Enter the order number of the certificate in question.
    Note #2: If you are unable to locate this information, please adjust the date range to approximately when the certificate was purchased.
  5. Click Run Report
  6. Click the certificate's name (e.g. InstantSSL for example.net )
  7. Click Replace
  8. Provide CSR and follow all onscreen instructions.


If you're unsure what kind of an account you have with Comodo:

Please register with our Support Ticket System.
Once/If you have already registered, please send an email to: support@comodo.com

Please be sure to include the following in the body of the e-mail.

* Order Number
* Fully Qualified Domain Name (or IP)
* CSR with the Begin and End Certificate request header and footer.
* Web Server Software (Example: IIS, Apache, Tomcat, etc.)
* Brief Explanation of what needs to be done. (Ex: I need a replacement of our certificate. Here is the CSR.)

Subject Line can be anything you would like it to be. However, we recommend that it is something descriptive about your issue. (Ex: I need a replacement certificate)


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