How do I re-issue my current certificate with SHA-2 (SHA-256)?

Question: How do I re-issue my current certificate with SHA-2 (SHA-256)?


Answer: It depends on when your certificate is set to expire.

If your certificate presently expires:

  • BEYOND 31 December 2016, then Comodo automatically will provide you with a SHA-2 signed certificate upon re-issuance.  Please see How do I get a replacement certificate? on how to re-issue your certificate.


  • PRIOR TO 31 December 2016, then please contact Comodo Support either by phone or ticket/email.
    • To contact us via email/ticket:
      1. Please register on our support site. If you already have registered, you may skip this step.
      2. Once registered, please send us an email via support@comodo.com and provide us with the following:
        • Order Number
        • Fully Qualified Domain Name (or IP)
        • Web Server Software (e.g. Apache, IIS, Tomcat, etc.)
        • Brief Explaination of what is needed (E.g. Please re-issue my certificate as SHA-2 and here is the CSR)
        • Subject: This can be any thing you would like it to be. However, we recommend that it something descriptive about your issue (e.g. I need a replacement certificate)

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