Requesting A Replacement for UCC Certificate

Requesting a replacement UCC certificate

If for whatever reason you find yourself in need of a replacement UC Certificate (requested for the incorrect domain names, server failure, Unable to export / backup the certificate, extra domains required, etc.) and you wish to request that we replace this for you please follow the below steps.

Insure you have read and understand the UCC articles entitled:

* Generating your Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) CSR
* What should I use as my Primary common name?
* What domains should I include in my UCC certificate?

If your certificate was purchased AFTER December 9th 2008:

1. Please generate a *NEW* CSR.

If you are unsure of how to generate a CSR please visit one of the following links.

* Exchange 2007
* All Others

Note: Please be sure to include your FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names)/Private Server Names/Active Directory entries in the CSR.

2. Log into your account off of one of our sites. (Need Pop-ups Enabled to proceed)

* Comodo.com (Main Site) / InstantSSL / EnterpriseSSL

- or -

* Account Manager (Direct Link)

Note: These credentials are the same user name and password that was used to purchase the certificate.

3. Once logged into your account, please click on SSL Certificate under My Account Areas.

4. Locate your order number and in the options area click Replace.

5. Copy and Paste your CSR into the pop-up Window in the space provided and click Next.

6. Enter the Private Server Names/Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) with one on each line.

7. Enter the Primary Domain Name and click Next.

8. Enter payment details (if any).
Note: Each additional over your license may incur a charge of up to $35 per year, per entry.

9. Follow the rest of the on screen instructions.

Once this is done please submit a ticket to the support department via the Support Ticketing System and include the following:

a. Order Number
b. Brief Explanation of the issue. Example: I just replaced my UCC on your website and it now says "Awaiting Validation". Order Number: XXXXXXX

Note: Please do mention this support ticket is for a UCC because if you don't, this can further delay you obtaining the replacement certificate.

If you purchased the certificate BEFORE December 9th 2008:

1. Generate a NEW CSR

Once this is done please submit a ticket to the support department via the Support Ticketing System and include the following:

1. Your original order number.
2. The complete list of domains (Subject Alternative Name [SAN] Entries) to be included (including any extra domains you wish added)
3. Which domain you wish us to use as your primary domain name.
4. A brief explanation of what you wish the support department to do with your request and the reason that you are making the request.

Note: If you are requesting additional domain names to be added to the UCC certificate we will request additional payment which may delay the process.

If you're a Comodo Partner please follow these instructions

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