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UC SSL Certificate

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UC SSL Certificate Benefits

  • Save money and ease certificate management processes
  • Full Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control
  • 128/256 bit encryption, trusted by 99.9% of browsers, servers and clients
  • Designed for MS Exchange and OCS environments
  • One of three official Microsoft UCC vendors
  • Unlimited, no fee re-issuance, move/change domains as required
UC SSL Certificate
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If your organization uses an MS® Exchange 2007 or higher Office Communications Server environment, you can consolidate all of your certificates into a single UC Certificate from Comodo.

UCC Certificates start from Price per year and include 3 FQDN's. For example, 1 UCC will cover autodiscover.yourdomain.com, exchange.yourotherdomain.com and exchange1.yournextdomain.com. Beyond these initial 3 domains, you can add up to 100 FQDN on the same certificate at just Price per additional domain. Wildcard domains can be added to a UCC for a Price surcharge per domain.

How can you benefit from UC Certificates

Unified Communications SSL Certificates or Exchange SSL are built expressly for the Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments.

Unlike standard or even Wildcard SSL Certificates, a single Exchange SSL Certificate can provide secured communications on a number of different domains, reducing administrative complexity and cost.

Unified Communications SSL certificates also support the 'Autodiscover' service in Microsoft Exchange, a new capability that greatly eases client administration.

A Comodo UC certificate is issued in minutes and is trusted by over 99.9% of major web browsers and mobile devices.

Comodo is one of Internet's only providers of UC Certificates. Let us help you simplify the management of your Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications Server environment today.

UC Certificate

Starting from per year

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Justin Germano
Keep it up

A majority of people who can't afford the pricey SSLs need this thing. Thank you comodo for being so considerate.

Betty Cuthbert

Who gives stuffs for free anymore? And the best part is there is no bait in this offer,take it as it comes.

Gunnery Schriver
Rewarding experience

Smoothest integration of Wildcard SSL I've ever experienced. No other brand beats Comodo's Wildcard, tbh.

Evan Meek
Reliable support team

After installation, I didn't know how to check if my website's URLs were Wildcard protected. The support team handled my query very well.

Gregory Infante
Prompt live support

I was unaware that certificates could cover IP Addresses as well. The IP on my Wildcard certificate didn't match the source IP Address and that created a problem. Comodo helpdesk was prompt to fix the problem by offering me live support.