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Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure Unlimited subdomains over Unlimited servers

Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificates save you money and management time by securing your domain and unlimited sub-domains on a single certificate.

Wildcard certificates work the same way as a regular SSL Certificate, allowing you to secure the connection between your website and your customer's Internet browser – with one major advantage. A single Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate covers any and all of the sub-domains of your main domain.

For example a single Wildcard certificate for *.website.com can be used to secure:

  • payments.yourdomain.com
  • login.yourdomain.com
  • mail.yourdomain.com
  • download.yourdomain.com
  • anything.yourdomain.com

If you have multiple sub-domains to secure, then a Wildcard SSL Certificate purchase can save you hundreds or thousands vs the cost of buying individual SSL certificates. For example a single Wildcard SSL Certificate for *.yourdomain.com can be used to secure:

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Features of Comodo Wildcard SSL

  • Save Money and Ease administration by securing all sub-domains with a single certificate
  • Issued online in minutes – automated validation means
    • - No paperwork
    • - No faxes
    • - No delay
  • 2048-bit next generation SSL certificates as recommended by NIST
  • 99.9% browser recognition maximizes your potential customer base
  • Licensed for Unlimited physical servers
  • Peace of mind with our 30-day refund policies
  • Expert Phone, Chat & E-mail support
  • $250,000 relying party warranty
  • + Free PCI scanning service (1 year)

    + Free Daily Vulnerability Scanning on your website (1 year)

    + Free Trustlogo site seal to improve customer conversion

Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificates have all the security features, compatibility and warranty of our single domain certificate and, unlike other providers, we do not double, triple, or spike the price of your Certificate for every additional license!

Each certificate comes with unlimited server licensing included in the price - meaning you are free to install it on as many physical servers as you wish.

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Wildcard SSL Certificate
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Donn Roach
Referred to it

When you're advised to buy a Wildcard SSL by a colleague who is an expert in matters of security certificates, you don't say no. You listen. And that's what I did. I'm happy about it.

Knut Neri
Right choice for a large website

I had to secure an entire range of page within two websites, which was a financial dilemma to be honest. I decided to merge them together and protected them with comodo's Wildcard. It's safely signed and safe there.

Thad Swahn
In safe hands

I'm a loyal Comodo certificate buyer. There customer service is a class apart and I thin my business is in safe hands with Comodo's Wildcard. I'm sending them Christmas card this year on.

Enny Romero
5 star SSL

I rate Comodo's free SSL as good as some of the best paid SSLs are out there. I give it a 5 star rating.

Svetlana Boginskaya
Free SSL for 3 months

Comodo has a ground breaking SSL certificate technology that it is giving out for free. Grab it folks, before they change their mind.